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Premium services to meet the highest demands.

Entrepreneurially oriented families are particularly demanding, and rightfully so. For decades, most times even over generations, they have worked hard and thereby amassed a substantial private fortune or corporate treasure chest. Now they also expect their bank to offer them top-notch services and support. Welcome home! For families like yours, we are the strategic partner who affords you security, courteous service and fine performance. 

On one hand, the task is to preserve and multiply the existing liquid assets so that they can be used for retirement purposes or passed on to the next generation. This is something our clients view as a material, sometimes even moral obligation. 

But many families have additional intentions for their private or corporate wealth. These are very individual and can include for example the further growth of the company, tax-optimised succession planning within the family or the company itself, or protection against inflation. 

You can expect to receive from us exclusive, solution-oriented advice based on the qualities and virtues that the founders of our bank – true pioneers – as well as we have perpetuated to this very day: 

  • we listen intently and ask probing questions in order to truly understand your situation and goals in life;
  • we deliberate and conceive individualised solutions that help you to achieve your private and corporate goals;
  • we are a team of in-house and external specialists who implement those solutions for you and in the process collaborate closely with your other advisors, e.g. tax/corporate/legal.

In achieving your financial goals, you benefit from all the advantages of a smaller bank, but one with the clout of an internationally operating major bank. To accomplish that, we draw on the extensive expertise we have acquired during more than 110 years of catering to the needs of entrepreneurial families.

Put us to the test in an initial, no-obligation discussion. We look forward to meeting you!